Pointer Dampening with

MANODAMP® Movements

The first test examples of a new type of movement for pointer dampening pressure gauges had been first developed in 1974.

Starting in that time we ran through extensive field testing and improvements to make sure we had found the best product for our customers.

Resulting from all these tests and experiences, the construction of a movement, which is equipped with a damped axle and the specific construction of the push-rod  was started.

It would go on to be built in larger numbers – known under the Schmierer brand MANODAMP®.

Major advantages of MANODAMP® 

Some of the major advantages of MANODAMP® against the „classical“ version with liquid filled cases are:

  • easy maintenance work on gauges
  • no leakage problems with gauge fillings
  • easy change of movement in case of failures
  • longer service life of gauges in rough environment
  • up-to-date construction fulfilling the needs of modern chemical,
    petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry standards
  • experience with successful long service life at customers plants

MANODAMP® – Your first choice in pressure gauge dampening!

Manodamp is available for many of your product choices.
We can deliver Manodamp pointer dampening movements for the following gauges:
Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges from nominal diameter 100mm to 250mm
Diaphragm Pressure Gauges from nominal diameter 100mm to 250mm

Different restrictions apply for very small pressure ranges with contact but we are always open for a quick call to help you find the gauge with the best dampening solution available.

Feel free to call us under this number : +49615298015 or send us an e-mail to orders@schmierer.de