Spezialized Pressure Gauges : Different choices at one spot!

Your pressure gauges are very versatile in the applications and that is why we offer you a very variable program with a consistently high quality standard. We produce the gauges with all kinds of measuring systems for your specific needs and conditions. We also take care of your specialized solutions and also offer low minimum order quantities with short delivery times.

Bourdon tube pressure gauge by Schmierer

Bourdon tube pressure gauge

These pressure gauges are available as specialized pressure gauges solution coming with dozens of different variations and accessoires for every imaginable application scenario.

An elastic (circled) measuring element (bourdon tube) will be soldered or welded into a socket; the free end being firmly closed. The change in pressure causes the measuring element then to deflect. This deflection of the free end of the bourdon tube is…

Diaphragm pressure gauge by Schmierer

Diaphragm pressure gauge

A thin, concentrically corrugated diaphragm will be fixed between two flanges. The diaphragm will be loaded with the process pressure on one side and elastically deflects from its normal position. This way is proportional to the applied pressure…

Capsule pressure gauge by Schmierer

Capsule pressure gauge

Specialized Pressure gauges can also be delivered in the form of capsule pressure gauges that are used when the pressures inside the process is very low starting at only 10 mbar pressure range.

The capsule consists of two thin, concentrically corrugated diaphragms welded or soldered together. Pressure change in the capsule causes an elastic deformation on both sides of the measuring element. Travel of the measuring element is proportional…

Differential pressure gauge by Schmierer

Differential pressure gauge

A pressure chamber will be separated by a thin diaphragm. This diaphragm is under static pressure from both chambers and additionally from one chamber with the measuring pressure. The diaphragm will transmit the pressure…

Test pressure gauge by Schmierer

Test pressure gauge

The measuring function is the same as with a normal bourdon-tube gauge. Test pressure guages have a higher accuracy and are normally built in ND 160mm for better visibility.

A circularly bended tube is on the one side connected to a socket and on other side it is closed when there is overpressure inside the bourdon tube it stretches itself to the…

Diaphragm seals by Schmierer

Diaphragm seal

Diaphragm seals will mainly be used with spezialized pressure gauges that need to be protected from the measuring medium. All of our Diaphragm seals will be used with bourdon tube pressure gauges, pressure switches, pressure transmitters and differential pressure gauges..

Pointer dampening by Schmierer

Pointer dampening

Part of our program for specialized pressure gauges is our Manodamp solution for customers who want to get rid of spilling glycerine or silicone oil gauges.

The first test examples of a new type of movement for pressure gauges had been first developed in 1974, since that time ran through extensive field testing and improvements. Resulting from all these tests and experiences…

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