Diaphragm seals

Application of diaphragm seals

Diaphragm seals will mainly be used with pressure gauges that need to be protected from the measuring medium.

Standard for the diaphragm seals we’ll use Stainless Steel 316 which has a very wide range of applications from the petrochemical industry or paper indstry there are many different applications.

All diaphragm seals can also be supplied with 316L Stainless steel.
They can also be made from HC22 or MONEL or even coated with PTFE, Tantallum or other specialized materials.

Diaphragm seals will be used with bourdon tube pressure gauges, pressure switches, pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters.


Diaphragm seal systems can be made from various materials.
The diaphragm seal is separating the pressure gauge from the medium.
With the filling with pressure transfer fluid there is an instant transfer of pressure to the measuring device.

Production of diaphragm seals

Schmierer diaphragm seals will be produced to the highest standards.
We also produce according to our customers specifications and helium leak test every single diaphragm seal.
With this process you can be sure that your diaphragm seal is 100%  tight and works perfectly in every harsh conditions.

The diaphragm seal and the pressure transfer fluid are built and customized to your guidelines.
Here we are taking the different process conditions and sanitary standards into account and find the perfect solution for you.

You can be sure that if your construction is physically possible, we’ll do it for you.

Please call us for more information and we’ll help you find the perfect match for your process.

Please find an overbiew of our diaphragm seals at this link starting with V120 and going all the way down to V189.

Customized solutions with your drawing are available on request.

+49615298015 or send us an E- Mail to orders@schmierer.de

We are looking forward to work with you!

Bourdon tube pressure gauge with diaphragm seal for homogenizers

Bourdon tube pressure gauge with diaphragm seal acc. to DIN 11851 (food stuff industry)

Bourdon tube pressure gauge with sterile process connection

Repair service for diaphragm seals

Repairs of diaphragm seal systems is a integral part of our standard program. We are equipped to repair almost any size and type and will therefore be ready to deliver in very short timeframes.

With our service we will give you shorter down times, lower costs and you will also be able to save valuable money and resources.

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ATEX certification
All our pressure gauges are certified according to ATEX rules. The actual declarations of conformity can be downloaded.

ISO 9001 certification
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TÜV certification
Our production will be checked with monitoring of the final assessment (Module A 1) according to directive 97/23/EC. The actual certificate can be downloaded.

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