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Welcome to website four your Pressure gauges for the chemical industry.

We’d like to inform about the specialized solutions that we can offer you as chemical industry customer.

If you want to cut to the chase and know exactly what you want:
Please feel free to call us at +49615298015 .

You can also send us an email ( for all pressure gauges for the chemical industry.

If you are totally lost with all the infos on this site you are also welcome to send an E-Mail or call us and we’ll gladly help you find the perfect gauge for your needs.

Similar to other industries you’ll see the same standards for purity with pressure gauges for the chemical industry.

That’s why we produce all gauges for this industry with specialized materials according to customer demands.

Custom solutions are our daily business

Surfaces of the pressure gauges coated or built out of resistant materials to meet be protected against agressive mediums.  If you need to get Tantallum, Halar, PTFE or other materials as coating. You are only a few days away from your solution.

You can also have all the diaphragms seals with custom flanges and chemical connection standards for all pressure gauges for the chemical industry.

The filling fluids used will have FDA certification available the same is true for our own development Manodamp®  This pressure gauge dampening solution for vibrating conditions has many advantages over normally dampened pressure gauges.

Using this solution will be interesting  for a lot of our customers . Some customers are not allowed to use glycerine or silicone oil as dampening fluid.

This solution for your gauge can withstand vibrations and shocks without any need for filling oil.

All of our gauges are available with low Minimum Order Quantities and with short lead times.
The gauges are also EX safe and have ATEX certifications to prove it.

Feel free to ask for a quotation today we’ll take care of you!

Chemical Industry

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We are certified


ATEX certification
All our pressure gauges are certified according to ATEX rules. The actual declarations of conformity can be downloaded.

ISO 9001 certification
Our company has been certified according to ISO 9001 since 1995. The actual certificate can be downloaded.


TÜV certification
Our production will be checked with monitoring of the final assessment (Module A 1) according to directive 97/23/EC. The actual certificate can be downloaded.

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